Quilting Workshop

Datum: 26-03-2023

This workshop is designed to provide valuable insights and techniques for the making of traditional Indian hand quilting/Godhari. Rucha will also show how she adapts these into the process of making textile art. The event will include a presentation of the artist, interactive sessions, and hands-on experience of the process of creative quilting. Through this workshop, Rucha will revive memories in the tactile forms of quilted fabrics, forming a collaborative quilt work, and reflecting upon the idea of possession.

Rucha Kulkarni with her piece Impression per stitch participates to the group exhibition In the Process of Creationg . From March 16th to April 9th, the audience will be invited to co-create with the artists. During this 4-week long show, all the artworks will continue to unfold and new pieces will be created, as a way to privilege the process over the final product.

Based in Amsterdam and Pune, Rucha Kulkarni is an artist whose works consider a public sphere as space for participation, inspiration, and self-retrospection. Having graduated in Fine Arts (painting) and Indology and Art History, her latter studies heavily inform her works about contemporary issues. She draws connections between traditions, female skills, labour, and rights, tokenism and the role these all play in a consumerist society.


Dit evenement is ook op deze data:
- 19-03-2023
- 26-03-2023

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Treehouse NDSM
T.T. Neveritaweg 55-57
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