Exhibition: Progress

Datum: 16-03-2023 t/m 09-04-2023

During this 4-week group show focused on the creative process, the Treehouse NDSM’s Pavilion will become a playground and a space for reflection for both participating artists and audience. The visitors will take part in the development of the featured artworks, which will therefore continue to unfold and give place for new pieces to emerge.

‘In the Process of Making’ exhibition aims to take both the audience and the artists through a journey of experimentation and collective engagement. Diving into subjects like migration, societal expectations and relations between body and territory, everyone will become a participant or co-producer, having the opportunity  to be involved in the making of the artworks. 

For this show, all participating artists are organising a workshop in relation to their exhibited piece or their practice. 


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Treehouse NDSM
T.T. Neveritaweg 55-57
1033WB Amsterdam

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