Wine Tasting


You can choose between two different activities.

1. Tour & Tasting

Discover the grape’s journeys from the vineyards to the bottle and the story of the people behind the scenes. Let us guide you around the winery and taste every single wine made right here at Chateau.
4-8 people, €20 pp
8-16 people, €15 pp
60 mins

2. Winemaker Tour

So you like drinking wine. But have you ever wondered how it’s made?! Meet the winemaker and let him take you by the hand to walk you through the entire wine production process.

4-8 people, €45 pp
8-16 people, €35 pp
90 mins

Find out what’s your favorite wine and get 10% off your in-store purchase.

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Chateau Amsterdam Winery
Gedempt Hamerkanaal 139
1021KP Amsterdam

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